Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Full Collar or Crew Neck; Take your Pick!

Fly Hawk have just released a couple of new style soccer kits which are available in both a long sleeve and short sleeve version.

Some players prefer short sleeve and others prefer a long sleeve shirt and even that preference can change depending on the weather.

Now you can order mixed sleeve options of the same color/style together, or even order one of each for each player (if your budget permits!) so that your team can select the perfect shirt option for match day.

Model FH-A912 even comes in both a crew neck and full collar option, for the ultra discerning players who even have a collar preference.

The new models are FH-A909, FH-A910, FH-A911FH-A912FH-A913 you check them out here:

Free UPS Express Shipping

ups-logoHappy New Year!  We hope you had a fun and refreshing festive period, we did! But we’re back and we’ve got a great announcement.

Due to our high volume of orders we have been able to further negotiate our UPS shipping rates down and we passing on these saves to you.

We are now offering UPS Express (3-5 day shipping) on all orders over $150; this year when you order your team uniforms from Soccer Shirts Online you’ll pay nothing for shipping!

Also, in case you missed it from our last announcement, we are now offering totally custom made jerseys, where you can choose every fabric color and we’ll custom make the shirts for you from scratch.  We offer 15 different colors of fabric in 2 model styles; the number of cool design you can create is endless.

Check out our custom shirt building tool here:

Also be sure to LIKE us on Facebook in order to keep up to date with our latest promotions and announcements:

Design your own Soccer Shirts

With our new GEAR brand soccer uniforms you can now design your own totally custom soccer uniforms and we’ll custom manufacture them for you.

We have created a new “Design your own” webpage which lets you choose a style template and then select all your own custom colors.  The possible number of design combinations is massive.

And the most unbelievable part is that we have no minimum quantity, so even if you only want one custom soccer shirts we’ll make it for you!


Always in stock

Because we now make our own GEAR brand soccer uniforms, you will never need to check if we have them in stock; the answer will always be “YES! They are in stock”.  If the stockroom is empty we simply have the ability to make more.

Don’t worry we will still be also offering the tried and true brands we have always had including: EGO, FBT, Flyhawk, and Tamudo.

Introducing GEAR Brand Soccer Uniforms

G1010 Gear Soccer UniformsOver the last 10 years has been selling a range of brands at our online shop.  We receive our products direct from the factories and then ship direct to the customer.

In additional to our existing brands, we have decided to cut another link off the supply chain to make our service even faster and more reliable, so that our customers can receive products directly from the factory themselves.  Over the past year we have been constructing and developing our own in-house manufacturing facility; and are now excited to release our own sportswear brand “GEAR“.

Our GEAR brand items are manufactured in-house at our own factory; this allows us to guarantee our products are always in stock, because if  we run out, we can simple make more to order.  During the last 10 years we have learned a lot about what customers value when it comes to order soccer uniforms, and with our clothing line we can provide a big improvement in the following areas:

  • Stock Availability; as mentioned above, because we are making the uniforms ourselves we can now guarantee GEAR items will be in stock 100% of the time.
  • Bigger Sizing; other Asian brands tend to make the items on the small side, but we’ve sized our GEAR items bigger to meet our customer demands.
  • High Quality; we are absolutely committed to controlling the high quality of our GEAR items, and if it isn’t perfect, it goes in the bin, not to the customer.

Currently we have one model of GEAR G1010 uniforms available here: and we plan to release our second model shortly.

New EGO kids and adults soccer uniforms

newegoWe have just added two new soccer strips to our catalog from EGO brand.  These kits are available both in the full range of adult and children’s sizes.

The first style is EG1005 which is a plain crew neck style soccer shirt.

The second style is EG1007 which has a collared neck.

Both kits are made from a very durable polyester fabric which is great if you plan to get a couple of full seasons out of the uniforms.

Share on Facebook and get a $5 Coupon

Facebook-Share-300x300We have started a new promotion where you can instantly receive a $5 coupon code by sharing on your Facebook.

To get a coupon just visit our sharing page:

Click the “Share on Facebook” button and click “OK” a few times on Facebook, and it will automatically post a link to on your Facebook and show you a $5 coupon code that you can enter at the checkout.

If you are a returning customer, who has previously placed an order, you can also get a $10 discount couponby uploading a photo of your team in the soccer shirts, just use the upload form on the share page:

New Camouflage Soccer Shirts

3ODHyMrso3i7x6SYjpeyrZHa5eDfj8-slash-p2w==_500x375FBT have just release a new design for the 2016 season with awesome camouflage pattern on the front, and in true camo-style they are available in an Army Green color.

The design comes in a bunch of other fun colors too, including pink, purple, red and a range of blues.

Your team will be sure to turn heads on the field this season with a unique camouflage kit; pick some up for this season and be there best looking team in the league!

New Styles for 2016

3ODHyMrso4bGxbaXwMfl1ZXkod3WyA==_500x375Happy New Year Soccer Fans!

This year we are introducing a new brand to our catalog called NAP; currently we have one model, in 12 colors, available for this brand.  If it proves to be popular we will be adding new styles for NAP in the coming months.

You can checkout the new NAP shirts here:

We have also added 2 new Tamudo models to our website, including this new sleeveless style, which is great for beach football, indoor futsal or training.

And finally we have listed a new EGO brand sublimation printed kit here:

New FBT, EGO, and Womens Sizes

We have added two new FBT styles of shirt to our catalog.  These shirts are available in 5 brilliant vivid colors.

Take a look at the new FBT12-207, and FBT12-208 styles by clicking on these links or the preview image below:



We have also added 2 new EGO brand outfield player shirts, 1 new EGO goalkeepers shirt, new EGO polos shirts and for the first time we have both outfield soccer player shirts in womens sizes, and polo shirts in womens sizes.

We’ve got Long Sleeves

We have heard your calls for offering some long sleeve shirt options; and we have added four new long sleeve soccer shirt styles.

You can view the long sleeve models here:

The best part is that all four styles are also available in short sleeve versions too, so that you can give your players the choice between long or short sleeve depending on each players preference.