Training Bibs

Playing “Shirts and Skins” works fine when it’s nice and sunny with an all men’s team, but when it starts to get cold or wet running around without a shirt on is not so much fun.  That’s why every team needs a set a training bibs; they are useful for dividing the teams in all kinds of training exercises from training matches to keep-away passing.

You can pick up your training bibs now for the ridiculous low price of $3.50 each for our store.  Available in 8 colors and 2 sizes.

View our Football Training Bibs Here

Two New EGO Kits

We have just added two new EGO uniforms to our catalog for the upcoming season!  Normally EGO designs are fairly plain but these latest designs are a lot more eye catching.

The price is a little higher than the more basic EGO shirts, such as the EG5021 which sell for $8.50 per shirt.  These new EG5018 and EG5019 kits start at $10.50 per shirt; however the material is a nicer, light weight, professional grade fabric.

Take a look at the EG5018 Uniforms here.

And the EG5019 Uniforms here.

Long Sleeve EGO

We have just added two new long sleeve shirt styles to our store from EGO.

Perfect for teams playing in colder climate locations.

Take a look at EG5023 Long Sleeve

And EG5027 Long Sleeve

More Diadora Shirts

DIADORA are one of the higher quality international brands that we offer, and we have just added their new DA1507 style shirts to our catalog.

Many professional teams have used Diadora shirts such as Aston Villa, Dinamo Zagreb and Be?ikta?.

The Diadora fabric is superior in comfort and cooling ability compared to some of our other cheaper local brands.

Check out all the new DA1507 style shirts here

New STANNO Socks!

For quite a while now we have had customers frequently asking if we any socks, other than our Master/Hammer brand (available only in 1 size), that come in a range of sizes.

Finally the answer is “Yes!”.  We have added a new brand of socks to our catalog from STANNO; a well established European sporting goods company.

These socks retail for $15 per pair in the USA; however we are able to buy factory direct at the source and offer them for only $5 per pair!

Don’t worry we will still be stocking our long selling $3 Master & Hammer brand socks.  But for those looking to pay a little bit more for a much higher quality, more durable sock, available in a range of five sizes, the new STANNO socks are perfect.

Check out the plain “UNI” model Stanno socks here

Or the striped “Original” model Stanno socks here