Now Accepting Bitcoins

WeLv_BC_Badge_128pxWhile we already accept a wide range of standard payments options, including Credit/Debit cards and PayPal, we have found a new innovative payment solution called Bitcoin.

You will still be able to pay using any of the existing payment methods, but will also have the choice of using Bitcoins at the checkout.

For those who are not familiar with Bitcoins; it is a new digital currency, which is easy and cheap to send payments anywhere in the world.

The easiest way to get started with Bitcoins is to first download this Bitcoin wallet application, to keep your money in:
(Use the “Windows Installer” if you are using Windows)

You can then purchase Bitcoins to put in your wallet from vendors like in the USA, or in Australia.

After you’ve got some coins in your wallet you are ready to buy your uniforms!

New FBT Brand Football Kits

FBT 12-246 Pink Soccer ShirtWe are happy to announce our partnership with FBT (Football Thai Sporting Goods), one the largest sportswear manufacturers in Thailand, to offer a wide range of great new kits.

We have already added a lot of new FBT products to our site including, 5 new outfield soccer uniforms, 2 new goalie kits, new goal keeper gloves and referees’ gear.  And we still have a few more new products in the pipe line.

These FBT shirts are some of the best quality shirts we have available, and at very reasonable prices.

Whenever you get a chance hop over to our store and checkout these great new FBT Soccer Shirts