4 New Styles for 2015 and more to come

3ODHyMrso3XNpNLV08bn25en3ePN_600x450Welcome back, we hope you had a happy new year and a great holiday. We have enjoyed our time off, but now it’s back to business and we’ve been busy adding four new soccer uniform models to our store.

EGO, a brand we’ve been selling for many years now, are known for their durable fabric and good choice of colors.  Now they have taken that a step further and added just about every color you think of with their basic EG1000 model shirts.  You can see the 15 different color options available here.

They have also brought out two more styles which include this classic cut soccer shirt, and a new sublimation soccer shirt style.

For Cadenza brand we have added a new “CT1″ model, although they have gone in odd direction by calling it “CT1″ when there was already a CT101 previous…we’ll have to live with that, but the new style is very sharp and the colors are amazingly vibrant.  See these cool neon color soccer shirts here.

Over the next month we hope to add a few more new style to our catalog, so please follow us on twitter or facebook to get updates.