FIFA 10 or Pro Evolution 2010?

Torres Pro Evolution 2010If you are anything like me you love sitting down and playing a good game of football on your PC or console.  And it’s gotten to that time of year when the current games have become a bit stale and I’m waiting for the new versions to come out in September or October.

For a few years now we have been treated to having the choice between two football titles; Fifa and Pro Evolution (ok why make the choice, I usually buy both).  But it’s worth comparing this years prospects.

I previously had an Xbox 360 and was really impressed with Fifa 07-08 on the Xbox 360…then it blew up (RROD) due to the very hot climate here in Thailand, and I didn’t fancy buying another one, so switched over to gaming on a PC.  And getting Fifa 09 for the PC was a real kick in the teeth at first, seeing as it’s basically a more primitive version of Fifa 08 for the 360.

After the Fifa disappointment I went straight out and bought Pro Evolution (PES) which I really enjoyed, especially the Become a Legend system; the game play and graphics in PES are great.   But recently I’ve found myself switching back to Fifa due to it’s “manager” mode which far exceeds the “master league” in PES.  There’s nothing quite like starting with a 3 division team and making it all the way up to the Premier League.

I feel that it’s come to a pivotal year; if Fifa 10 is as good on the PC as it is on the Xbox they’ll surely get me hooked.  But if PES gets an in-depth management system with multiple levels of domestic leagues I will definitely be playing Pro Evo.

However from what I’ve been reading so far it seems like both titles could fail to produce in these areas.

I have not heard any news of improved licensing for PES 2010; without this it would be impossible for them to have all the lower league teams, and thus no good management mode.  It seems their improvements will be mostly graphical.

And it appears that Fifa for the PC may again be a lesser version (what they refer to as a “PC specific experience”), which would be really disappointing.  And no matter how good the PC version is it will still leave a bitter taste knowing there is a better Xbox360 or PS3 version out there.

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