Jermain Defoe

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England’s Euro squad suffers another blow

News has just emerged that Jermain Defoe has left the England Euro 2012 camp and headed back home due to the death of his father. At the moment it appears that he is set to return to the tournament, but at this point it is still unclear when that return will be.

I have nothing against Defoe he gets his share of goals, and he is certainly not afraid to pull the trigger but I’d just prefer to see some fresh blood.  Defoe has been there for England time and time again, but each time England have not done much.  England need to shake it up, and the man to do that could be Norwich City’s Grant Holt, he was in fine form this season with 15 premier league goals.  He’s a force in the air, but unlike Andy Carrol, he can score skillful goals too; he’s more than just a battering ram.

Defoe seems like a bit of an emotional fellow; he was fairly distraught over the whole Fabrice Muamba heart attack incident; and I’m sure this loss is going to hit him hard too.  Let him sit this tournament out and give Holt his shot.

When the chips are down, with 10 minutes left to play, if it’s Jermain Defoe coming on I’m not going to be filled with that nervous feeling of “a miracle might just happen”.  With Grant Holt, an untested diamond in the rough, that fairy tail moment might just be on the cards.