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Introducing GEAR Brand Soccer Uniforms

G1010 Gear Soccer UniformsOver the last 10 years has been selling a range of brands at our online shop.  We receive our products direct from the factories and then ship direct to the customer.

In additional to our existing brands, we have decided to cut another link off the supply chain to make our service even faster and more reliable, so that our customers can receive products directly from the factory themselves.  Over the past year we have been constructing and developing our own in-house manufacturing facility; and are now excited to release our own sportswear brand “GEAR“.

Our GEAR brand items are manufactured in-house at our own factory; this allows us to guarantee our products are always in stock, because if  we run out, we can simple make more to order.  During the last 10 years we have learned a lot about what customers value when it comes to order soccer uniforms, and with our clothing line we can provide a big improvement in the following areas:

  • Stock Availability; as mentioned above, because we are making the uniforms ourselves we can now guarantee GEAR items will be in stock 100% of the time.
  • Bigger Sizing; other Asian brands tend to make the items on the small side, but we’ve sized our GEAR items bigger to meet our customer demands.
  • High Quality; we are absolutely committed to controlling the high quality of our GEAR items, and if it isn’t perfect, it goes in the bin, not to the customer.

Currently we have one model of GEAR G1010 uniforms available here: and we plan to release our second model shortly.