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Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Full Collar or Crew Neck; Take your Pick!

Fly Hawk have just released a couple of new style soccer kits which are available in both a long sleeve and short sleeve version.

Some players prefer short sleeve and others prefer a long sleeve shirt and even that preference can change depending on the weather.

Now you can order mixed sleeve options of the same color/style together, or even order one of each for each player (if your budget permits!) so that your team can select the perfect shirt option for match day.

Model FH-A912 even comes in both a crew neck and full collar option, for the ultra discerning players who even have a collar preference.

The new models are FH-A909, FH-A910, FH-A911FH-A912FH-A913 you check them out here:

New FBT Brand Football Kits

FBT 12-246 Pink Soccer ShirtWe are happy to announce our partnership with FBT (Football Thai Sporting Goods), one the largest sportswear manufacturers in Thailand, to offer a wide range of great new kits.

We have already added a lot of new FBT products to our site including, 5 new outfield soccer uniforms, 2 new goalie kits, new goal keeper gloves and referees’ gear.  And we still have a few more new products in the pipe line.

These FBT shirts are some of the best quality shirts we have available, and at very reasonable prices.

Whenever you get a chance hop over to our store and checkout these great new FBT Soccer Shirts